Scooters Micro

Mini y Maxi Scooters. 


It began as a matter of convenience and turned into a world-wide, success story. We are a Swiss company, founded in 1996 and based in the village of Küsnacht on the Lake of Zürich. From here a young and highly motivated team handles deliveries and the marketing of micro® products in more than 70 countries. Under the brand name micro®, we develop, produce and market various products related to mobility -- for children, teenagers, adults, and even for the Swiss Army. Our mobility products are designed to make it quick and easy to cover short distances and keep fit at the same time. We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that all micro® products are of the highest quality and continue to play a leading role in meeting the needs of urban lifestyle  -- mobility, fitness and fashion.

Following the boom in 2000,  the market was overflowing with a multitude of copy products. Today we have learnt that, instead of looking back and fighting to prevent copies, you should move ahead, improve yourself every day, be innovative, do it with passion and just be the best at what you are doing. And than we realised:

„Although other scooter builders around the world keep trying to make scooters like ours, we’ve never tried to make scooters like theirs”.


Thanks for your interest in micro. And don‘t forget, nothing beats the
original -ever!